2016 #BAF31 Artists

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Artists confirmed for the 31st annual Bucktown Arts Fest, listed by discipline:

Business / Web Presence Artist Booth Discipline
Vikki Clare **Victoria Sprague 172 Illustration & Design
Christi Ahee Ceramics Christi Chong 192 Ceramic
Bella Joy Pottery Heidi Fahrenbacher 12 Ceramic
Samantha Hostert Ceramics Samantha Hostert 138 Ceramic
Studio Giverny Yoshiko Kozawa 30 Ceramic
Glynnis Lessing Glynnis Lessing 72 Ceramic
Amplexus Pottery Stephanie Marder 89.5 Ceramic
Winter Rye Patrice Murtha 70 Ceramic
Putnam Design John Putnam 57 Ceramic
Jean’s Clay Studio Jean Wells 188 Ceramic
Alter Images Jason Brueck 195 Digital (not photography)
Amelia Kieras PhotoIllustration Amelia Kieras 88 Digital (not photography)
Artery Ink Mara Natkin 159 Digital (not photography)
Stan Piepenburg Stan Piepenburg 131 Drawing/ Pastel
Salvage Clay Bush 141 Fiber/ Textiles
constance Constance Collins 139 Fiber/ Textiles
Jan Friedman Jan Friedman 62 Fiber/ Textiles
Lee Galusha Lee Galusha 54 Fiber/ Textiles
Winter Rye Barbara Korbel 70 Fiber/ Textiles
Pat Kroth Fiber Art Pat Kroth 161 Fiber/ Textiles
Mitzibell Tanya Milojkovic 51 Fiber/ Textiles
Natural Attraction Donna Mundschau 52 Fiber/ Textiles
stephXstitch Stephanie Rohr 49 Fiber/ Textiles
Susan Tecktiel Susan Tecktiel 90 Fiber/ Textiles
Kate VanAsten Kate VanAsten 34 Fiber/ Textiles
Mad Love Shop Angel Bauer 55 Functional Art
EarthCadets Krissy Callahan 45 Functional Art
Vault Furniture Inc. Brandilyn Dunkel 29 Functional Art
Hubler Furniture Co. Todd Hubler 39 Functional Art
CL Creates Catherine Laughery 14 Functional Art
Lumen Electronic Jewelry Robin Lawson 143 Functional Art
1933 Designs Kurt Moeller 84 Functional Art
mohop Annie Mohaupt 44 Functional Art
Rose Hollow Connections Connie Molland 59 Functional Art
Melissa Z Monroe Pottery Melissa Monroe 196 Functional Art
Go Cat Toys Leah Moskoff 71 Functional Art
Urban Prairie Design Paul Segedin 102 Functional Art
paul snagel Paul Snagel 23 Functional Art
Imagine in Glass Teresa Crow 27 Glass
FireCutGlass Nick Galatte 200 Glass
Mosaic Art Professionals Teresa Soriano 136 Glass
Glass City Blews Meredith Wenzel 119 Glass
Rapt in Maille Melissa Banks 173 Jewelry
Redbud Jewelry Janeane Bowlware 147 Jewelry
Broad Street Sara Bradstreet 80 Jewelry
RedAvaDesigns Roslyn Broder 110 Jewelry
Sarah C. Chapman Sarah Chapman 178 Jewelry
Beth Clark Jewelry Beth Clark 169 Jewelry
Deana Rose Handmade Jewelry Deana Curcio 126 Jewelry
Cavatica Designs Courtney DeYoung 145 Jewelry
Trace Ellements Tracy Ellison 79 Jewelry
zii designs Christine Esposito 149 Jewelry
kFroet Designs Katy Froeter 129 Jewelry
Chelsea Chelsea Hall 163 Jewelry
Once Lost Jewelry Michelle Harris 191 Jewelry
Laurel Karnecki Laurel Karnecki 5 Jewelry
Altered Ever After Jill Kerns 116 Jewelry
BuildWithWood Erin LaRocque 13 Jewelry
Cheri C Meyer Cheri Meyer 140 Jewelry
Allison Mooney Design Allison Mooney 10 Jewelry
Jennifer Ann Myers Jennifer Ann Myers 199 Jewelry
Palette Earth Designs Robin Nathan 133 Jewelry
Olmox *Liliana Olmos 66 Jewelry
Full Circle Studio Amy Palmer 155 Jewelry
Fúze Studio Malgorzata Petr 158 Jewelry
Weener Ware Jeanmarie Petro 69 Jewelry
Beadsong Jewelry Bobbie Rafferty 160 Jewelry
SerezDesign Haydar Martha Serezli 105 Jewelry
Soleil Studios Faye Simmonds 135 Jewelry
Lisa Slodki Lisa Slodki 121 Jewelry
Anatomical Element Rachel Stork Stoltz 158 Jewelry
anidem jewelry Jesse Torres-Medina 3 Jewelry
Sugar Vibe Stephanie Trompen 89 Jewelry
Earth Wind and Water Design Abigail West 108 Jewelry
Lisa Williams Jewelry Lisa Williams 77 Jewelry
Leather Goods by Alejandra Avila Alejanda Avila 106 Leather
Scarred For Life Jen Loberg 176 Leather
Rebel Nell Rebel Nell 151 Leather
Michigan Made Metal Robert & Gloria Barkley 180 Metal
Studio 451 John Lamar 74 Metal
Michael Lindsley Michael Lindsley 48 Metal
Anthony Slichenmyer Anthony Slichenmyer 46 Metal
PresentAbility Peter Staples 31 Metal
Perry Susral Perry Susral 32 Metal
Vicki Bolen Vicki Bolen 185 Mixed Media 2D
Ech Design & Art Emily Cellini Henson 132 Mixed Media 2D
Derek Christensen Reclaimed Creations Derek Christensen 1 Mixed Media 2D
Paper Cutz Shari Escott 4 Mixed Media 2D
ArtFroh David Frohbieter 127 Mixed Media 2D
connie hinkle Connie Hinkle 35 Mixed Media 2D
Captive Clovers Julia Jacquez 153 Mixed Media 2D
Megan Woodard Johnson Megan Johnson 164 Mixed Media 2D
Lucius Art Kevin Lucius 174 Mixed Media 2D
Yvonne Miller Art Yvonne Miller 150 Mixed Media 2D
the kitsch lab Teresa Petersen 130 Mixed Media 2D
Ronnie Phillips Ronnie Phillips 118 Mixed Media 2D
Planetprahler Michelle Prahler 61 Mixed Media 2D
paul rung studio Paul Rung 78 Mixed Media 2D
StellaLily Studio Juana Ryan 154 Mixed Media 2D
Spertus Studios Debby Spertus 146 Mixed Media 2D
Stephen Steininger Stephen Steininger 187 Mixed Media 2D
Staci Sterenberg Mosaics Staci Sterenberg 91 Mixed Media 2D
Lion of Bali Don Widmer 184 Mixed Media 2D
kawcuts studio *Ken Wilson 85 Mixed Media 2D
Nicolet Candle Gerri Brunner 81 Mixed Media 3D
Down The Pipeline Sarah Burris 82 Mixed Media 3D
Bebo Folk Art John Paul Daniel 58 Mixed Media 3D
As the Crow Flies Studio Diana Gonzalez 8 Mixed Media 3D
Mary Miller Mary Miller 144 Mixed Media 3D
Anthony Pack *Anthony Pack 167 Mixed Media 3D
Armando Pedroso Contemporary Art, Inc. Armando Pedroso 87 Mixed Media 3D
NaughtyPig Studios *Jessica Pignotti 115 Mixed Media 3D
Joel Pinkerton Joel Pinkerton 123 Mixed Media 3D
Rediscover Handbags Raymond Ruggeri 142 Mixed Media 3D
Suphattra’s Clay Flowers Suphattra Joy Sloup 152 Mixed Media 3D
david woolf David Woolf 24 Mixed Media 3D
Glenna Adkins Glenna Adkins 183 Painting/ Acrylic or Oil
Carla Bank Designs Carla Bank 64 Painting/ Acrylic or Oil
Impulse on Canvas P. Alexander Brenner 157 Painting/ Acrylic or Oil
GalleryD Dennis Dodson 156 Painting/ Acrylic or Oil
Fay’s Artworks Val Fischer 170 Painting/ Acrylic or Oil
Amy Huisinga Artworks Amy Huisinga 171 Painting/ Acrylic or Oil
Chip Humbertson Chip Humbertson 2 Painting/ Acrylic or Oil
Kadmiri Fine Art Aziz Kadmiri 101 Painting/ Acrylic or Oil
Brad Leslie Brad Leslie 125 Painting/ Acrylic or Oil
Charlie Lindsey Charlie Lindsey 68 Painting/ Acrylic or Oil
Gabriel Mejia Gabriel Mejia 162 Painting/ Acrylic or Oil
Christine Mroz-Fries Christine Mroz-Fries 33 Painting/ Acrylic or Oil
Gahn Murphy Designs *Judith Murphy 113 Painting/ Acrylic or Oil
Oistad Arts William Oistad 109 Painting/ Acrylic or Oil
Helbing Studio Wendy Ritchey 137 Painting/ Acrylic or Oil
Roth Illustration & Design Julie Roth 148 Painting/ Acrylic or Oil
Robert Smeltzer Robert Smeltzer 36 Painting/ Acrylic or Oil
Spillar Studios Sharon Spillar 114 Painting/ Acrylic or Oil
Fine Art by Ronald Stec Ronald Stec 83 Painting/ Acrylic or Oil
Art by Bala Bala Thiagarajan 182 Painting/ Acrylic or Oil
Ward Art Studio Steven Ward 179 Painting/ Acrylic or Oil
Karen Watson-Newlin Karen Watson-Newlin 60 Painting/ Acrylic or Oil
Kathleen Murphy Willer Kathleeen Willer 166 Painting/ Acrylic or Oil
Bill Bartelt Watercolors *Bill Bartelt 117 Painting/ Watercolor
Victoria Jackson Victoria Jackson 100 Painting/ Watercolor
Nancy Koop Nancy Koop 177 Painting/ Watercolor
Moon Cookie Gallery Natalie Seaton 26 Painting/ Watercolor
Nick Ant Photography Nick Antonopoulos 189-90 Photography/ Digital or Computer
Petr Bednarik Petr Bednarik 6 Photography/ Digital or Computer
The Pigshark Matthew Coglianese 107 Photography/ Digital or Computer
Kate Harrold Photography Kate Harrold 194 Photography/ Digital or Computer
The Studio 312 Tim Jarosz 134 Photography/ Digital or Computer
jack kraig photography inc Jack Kraig 193 Photography/ Digital or Computer
jd marsh photography James Marsh 122 Photography/ Digital or Computer
The Secret Life of Toys Marcos Minuchin 56 Photography/ Digital or Computer
Tom Phelan Photography Tom Phelan 11 Photography/ Digital or Computer
Fading Nostalgia *Chris Robleski 112 Photography/ Digital or Computer
Greg Turco Photography Greg Turco 75 Photography/ Digital or Computer
Freedom Ink LLC Ken Voigt 9 Photography/ Digital or Computer
Michael Bryant Michael Bryant 186 Photography/ Traditional Film
Linares Photography Studios Oscar Matos Linares 168 Photography/ Traditional Film
Miranda Meyer Miranda Meyer 181 Photography/ Traditional Film
Andrew Roth Photography Andrew Roth 165 Photography/ Traditional Film
Carl Vogtmann Photography Carl Vogtmann 120 Photography/ Traditional Film
Ariyama Studio Hiroshi Ariyama 124 Printmaking
Prints by Katie Moncton Katie Moncton 175 Printmaking
RepeaterPrinting Jason OGrady 50 Printmaking
Ken Swanson Ken Swanson 111 Printmaking
HeartMoss Pottery Hannah Martin 25 Sculpture
Found Wood Sculptures by Harden Taylor John Taylor 53 Sculpture
Craig Lossing Woodturning Craig Lossing 128 Wood
MP Custom Made Michael Pendleton 7 Wood
Just the Two of Us John Post 65 Wood
WS Woodmasters, Inc. William Schueler, Jr. 197 Wood
Waldron Bros. Woodworking Jason Waldron 22 Wood

*Past Best in Show winner
**Poster contest winner