We hope to provide answers to every artist’s question. We want you to feel prepared and ready to have a great weekend! Here are a few answers for you. And we will add more as we get asked. Please also see Info for Accepted Artists.


Where can I get a map of the fest grounds?
Download it right here.

What do I need to know about Load In?

Load in happens from 6 a.m. – 10:00 a.m. on Saturday morning of the fest. Your entrance point is determined by where your booth is. Here’s what you need to know.

Do I need to fill out any tax forms prior to the show?
Artists at the Fest may need to register with the Illinois Department of Revenue and submit Special Event Tax Revenue forms. Not everyone needs to register/file–some may only need to fill out a special event coupon. Generally, artists eligible for special event coupons include those who do fewer than three Illinois art shows per year and out-of-state vendors.

Download the 2016 tax coupon here. – 2017 coming soon!

To find out your tax liability, if any, please contact:
Illinois Department of Revenue
Special Events Unit: (847) 294-4475
Taxpayer Assistance: (847) 294-4200

Learn about your responsibilities to the Illinois Department of Revenue as a vendor:

When are invoices sent out? How will I receive it? When are they due?
Invoices are handled through ZAPP® this year.

Payments are due July 15. Non-payment by the due date will result in cancellation.

When are booth assignments sent out? How will I receive them?
Booth assignments are posted online in mid-August under the Our Artists page of this website and through Zapp. An announcement that they are posted will be sent by email. Booth assignments are final.

If my booth is on the street, is there room on the sidewalk behind to sit/store/wrap, etc.
There is a small amount of room behind the 10×10 tent area – but not a lot. We put up fencing behind the tents to protect the neighborhood grass, so really there is only a little “nudge” area.

How do I get to the Fest grounds?
See the Directions & Map section.

What time does set-up start on Saturday morning?
Artist Load In runs from 6:00am to 10:30am. Please be sure to get a copy of your Artist Folder when you check in, which includes important information for the weekend.

We recommend coming early to ensure ease of access and ample time to set up before the Fest opens to the public at 11:00am.

Is there parking during the Fest for artists?
Parking is available at the Tile Outlet south parking  lot on Fullerton. Look for signs and volunteers. Artists may park overnight in this lot at their own risk. We do not have overnight security in the lot. Please do not park oversized trucks or trailers on Bucktown neighborhood streets. You may be towed.

Spots in the neighborhood are first-come, first-served.  **No parking is allowed in the alleys. Violators will be towed.**

Where and when do I pick up the rental tent/chairs/table? Or will they be in my space?
Rentals items are delivered on the Saturday morning of Load In and will be available to you at the Info Tent when you arrive for set up. Please be sure to get your name checked off the list.

Any recommendations for weights for the EZUp tents?
If you are renting a tent from the Bucktown Arts Fest, sandbags will be provided with your rental. These are important to use – especially when leaving your tent overnight Saturday (in case of bad weather).

What happens as far as security Saturday night and Load Out on Sunday?
We will have security to protect your booth overnight, on Saturday night. All booths must be packed up and loaded out on Sunday evening. Artists are asked to complete Load Out by 9:00pm. Any belongings left unattended after that time will not be the responsibility of the fest.

Are there any hotels close to the fest grounds?

Who do I ask about questions/problems/concerns?
Booth Concerns, Fees & Payment: booths@bucktownartsfest.com
Other Questions: inquiries@bucktownartsfest.com



How many applications do you receive?
The number varies each year. Unfortunately, we always have more than we are able to accommodate. Many of our artists have been showing at BAF for 10 to 20 years, and they return every year.

How many artists show at the fest?
The number of artists showing also varies each year, but it is never less than 185 and never more than 200.

Are all spaces open to jury, or are some artists (like award winners) invited without having to jury?
Only the winner of our Poster Contest is technically a non-juried artist. Although he/she is actually juried separately, based on their submitted design and their book of work – and are also regularly juried if he/she were to apply again the subsequent year.

Can I share a booth with another artist?
If both artists are juried in through the Application Process, booth sharing is allowed for an additional $100 fee, for a total booth fee of $400 ($300 booth fee + $100 sharing fee) for sharing non-senior artists and $300 total ($200 booth fee + $100 sharing fee) for sharing senior artists.


Who’s behind the Fest?
Volunteers! We have no paid staff.

Where do the proceeds of the fest go?
All proceeds support arts and education programming at Holstein Park and in the Bucktown/Wicker Park neighborhoods. Learn more about our programming efforts and read our Open Letter to Our Community.

How many visitors attend the fest?
We estimate that between 30,000 and 40,000 people attend each year.

Why is it called Senior Citizens Park?
After the Board of Education closed the Logan Elementary School in 1972, the city moved quickly to develop the property as parkland. By 1977, the city was developing plans for recreational facilities – including shuffle board courts and permanent game tables – tailored to the area’s older residents. The city transferred the property, then known as Logan Elderly Park, to the Chicago Park District in 1979. The following year, the park was officially renamed Senior Citizens Memorial Park at the request of 32nd Ward alderman Terry Gabinski and the Senior Citizens of Holstein Park.


More answers will be added as you ask questions! If you have other questions not answered here, please feel free to write to the addresses specified above, or to inquiries@bucktownartsfest.com (and be sure to add us to your address book!).

Thank you much – and here’s to a great Fest!

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