Our 2015 Best in Show Artists

There are so many talented artists at the Bucktown Arts Fest, that it’s hard to pick just three for our Best in Show winners each year. We hope that these awards will inspire these three 2015 artists to continue their craft and empower them to explore new horizons.


2015 Best in Show-Hillary-Miles

Hillary Miles, Best in Show 2015

Best in Show Artist – Hillary Miles
Sculpture, Painting & Illustration

Hillary received her BFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2013; she makes sculptures, paintings, and illustrations. Born and raised in the same Maryland county where Jim Henson grew up, she watched a lot of sci-fi and fantasy movies, spent her fair share of time at Renaissance Festivals, and gothed out for a bit as a kid.
See Hillary’s work




2015 Best in Show-Judith Murphy

Judith Murphy – 2015 Best in Show

Best in Show Artist – Judith Murphy

Judith has a BS in Fine Arts from the University of Wisconsin – Madison. Working out of her studio in Milwaukee, she paints acrylic and watercolors. Her paintings, subject matter, medium and style change often, which she calls “keeping it real.”  Recently, she’s been reflecting on the passage of time and how it refers to a moment in time, a step in the journey, the  process of living your life in the moment. That small increment in time is what she wants to capture in her paintings. Her paintings can be found in Chicago at the Leigh Gallery at 3306 N. Halsted Street.
See Judith’s work


2015 Best in Show-Lilliana Olmos

Lilliana Olmos – 2015 Best in Show

Best in Show Artist – Liliana Olmos
Filigree Jewelry

Born and raised in Bogota, Colombia, Liliana learned the intricate world of silver filigree from her uncle, Colombian jeweler Salomon Olmos. It is a traditional art form passed down from generation to generation. For the past six years, while working to perfect her own technique, she began selling her designs in street fairs and small boutiques in downtown Bogota. In 2011, Liliana moved to Houston, TX to expand her small business and share the beauty of silver filigree with an even wider audience.
See Liliana’s work

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