What We’re Funding Now

At BAF, we looove teachers! Bucktown Arts Fest is organized by the community, for the community. When the fest is over, we keep one year’s worth of festival costs in our savings and spend the rest to fund, develop and support arts education in our neighborhood.

We especially like to help teachers with the supplies they need to inspire creativity. Working through DonorsChoose.org, we fund art education in local schools – Pulaski International School, Pritzker School and Goethe Elementary. CICS-Bucktown and De Diego Elementary.

We have been able to donate close to $2,000 towards projects this year and we’re not done yet. Here are some of the projects we have been able to fully fund or help fund since this year’s fest:

Art Supplies for Kindergarten Classroom  see the project


Dear Bucktown Arts Fest,

You are all wonderful!

Thank you!

Ms. Mallars



A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words  see the project

Dear Bucktown Arts Fest,

I would like to thank everyone for donating to our class. Last year, I have taken, sent and printed over a thousand pictures of my students. This year is a little different because, my students’ and I will be taking pictures. My goal is to have the student to make their own portfolio of their work by the end of the year. They will they will be doing the following; taking the picture, uploading it, printing it, and gluing it to onto their folder. Eventually they will have a picture of every area of the classroom and their new friends.Thanks again, for providing everything we need to get started.

With gratitude,
Mrs. Maldonado


Center Supplies! see the project

Dear Bucktown Arts Fest,

Wow! We are now complete and can get started on our center work! Thank you for your generous donations and for supporting early learning and arts education. We have a wonderful group of children who will benefit from using these supplies. The paper will be used on our new easels. The stamps will help us with spelling, handwriting and writing our own stories. The laminating sheets will be helpful in conserving materials and help us laminate games, artwork and book covers. Thank you so much and here’s a big hug from our students!

With gratitude,
Ms. Galvin


Battle of the Books 2014-15! see the project

Dear Bucktown Arts Fest,

I am overwhelmed by your generosity! My students are going to be so thrilled to learn that we will be able to compete this year in the Battle of the Books, all thanks to your support. We hope to do our best in the competition to make you all proud. Above all though, the students and myself will have a blast reading through these forty books. We can not wait to get started and to have some wonderful conversations.Thank you for your amazing generosity and support!

With gratitude,
Ms. Magness


Little Artists Excited about Creating Masterpieces! see the project

Dear Bucktown Arts Fest,

Thank you again for your wonderful donations. The students were beaming ear to ear when I showed them all the wonderful art supplies. They have been busy learning how to properly use each material and how to work with each. They have been busy creating masterpieces together with friends or individually.The students are learning their colors, using their imagination, how to share, and be creative. Most importantly they are learning that is okay to get MESSY!!! Thanks again for you wonderful donation, we are very grateful!

With gratitude,
Ms. Wayland


Teaching With Technology see the project

Dear Bucktown Arts Fest,

Thank you SO much for your generous donation to my classroom project! I can assure you that the Mini iPads will get great use from my students and improve their learning greatly!It is so wonderful that you made the charitable choice to back my project and positively impact the education of so many students. Not only will my classroom of 30 get a chance to independently research, use educational programs and more, but we will share with students from other classrooms as well. Your contribution has made such a difference in the lives of our community!We cannot thank you enough!

With gratitude,
Ms. W



We can’t wait to do more. Here’s to the teachers in our neighborhood who spend everyday making the world a better place!


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