There’s always so much great talent at the Bucktown Arts Fest that it is a real challenge to choose just three Best In Show artists. It’s a pretty lucky problem to have.

We hope that these awards will inspire these three 2013 artists to continue their craft and empower them to explore new horizons.



2013 Bucktown Arts Fest Best in Show Artist Dewey James
Best in Show Artist – Dewey James
Mixed Media

Dewey James lives in Minneapolis, MN. In 2012, she was selected as the Commemorative Artist for the Uptown Art Fair in Minneapolis, the Edina Art Fair in Edina, MN and the Lakeview East Art Festival in Chicago, IL. In 2011, she was awarded Best in Show at the Minneapolis Stone Arch Festival, Best In Category at the Stone Arch Festival and the Glencoe Festival of Art,  the Award of Excellence from the Edina Art Fair and the College Hill Art Festival in Cedar Falls, Iowa in 2011.




2013 Bucktown Arts Fest Best in Show Artist Dylan Stryzynski

Best in Show Artist – 


“I tend to see myself as more a drawer than a painter and therefore, even when working in tightly rendered modes, as a sort of cartoon expressionist. Matching media and content is important. Energy is the ultimate concern and I try to work in ways that encourage spontaneity and deliberate mark making. Many of my pieces take on the raw appearance of the outsider. Yet my themes are not entirely clear. My pieces are filled with self referential meta-subjects whose meaning lies some where near the edge of direct understanding. This complexity places my work squarely in the realm of high brow, so called “fine art.” Yet surface and material suggest a visionary spirit. As a result I have come to occupy an odd space that is neither entirely reserved for academics nor primitives.”


2013 Bucktown Arts Fest Best in Show Artist Jaana Mattson
Best in Show Artist – Jaana Mattson
Encaustic Painting /Mixed Media

Jaana Mattson is a mixed media artist who lives and works in her home studio in Minneapolis, MN.   She completed her MFA in fibers at the University of Washington – Seattle in 1999, and until 2012 designed and produced art jewelry which she sold in Midwest art fairs and through shops and galleries around the country.

Jaana’s most recent sculpture is inspired by the work and materials of outsider artists, the found object aesthetics of surrealist assemblage and the modernist forms and movement of Miro and Calder.  The leap from small scale jewelry to large outdoor sculpture has opened a world of possibilities and a return to her roots in interactive sculpture using salvaged materials.


Thank you to all of our artists who bring so much heart, integrity and creativity to the fest and make it possible every year.