We Miss You Already!

thank you

As in every community, it’s the people that make the difference. When it comes to the Bucktown Arts fest, we have many people to thank.

A special thank you to
Alderman Scott Waguespack,
The Chicago Park District and
the incredible staff of Holstein Park,
The Mayor’s Office of Special Events and
the Chicago Police 14th District
for their continued support.

To Andy and Laurie Frievogel and Intelligentsia Coffee for fueling our early Saturday morning.

To Scott & Jenny Baermann,
Noah, Hope, Summer and Simon Baermann,
Ryan & Stacy Hoban,
Steve & Tamara Hoey,
Nick & Amanda Allen,
Kristin Lee, and
Chelsea Trader
who reward our hard work in the most delicious way possible with a gorgeous breakfast on Saturday.

To Milwaukee Brewing Company for making great Fest beer possible.

Thank you also to the community of artists, musicians, performers, and patrons that make Bucktown and the Arts Fest such a great place to be.

And to the tireless BAF Volunteer Committee who bring the Fest of Fests to life:
Blake Beckstrom – aka “The Ringer”
Sarah Brick – aka “Sangria Sally”
Cecilie Ryan – aka “Yo Momma”
Rob Brookman – aka “Wussy”
Kyle Carstensen – aka “That’s Mr. Carstensen to You”
Jason Castillo – aka “Mr. Transit”
Laura Doede – aka “Doede the Roadie”
Alison Germann – aka “Miss Congeniality”
Teddy Harris – aka “Seamus McNinja”
Melissa Hellstern – aka “Bossypants”
Connie Hinkle – aka “Superwoman”
Amanda Hogg – aka “Crash”
Chris Jackson – aka “The Party King”
Dave Kennard – aka “The Engineer”
Anna MacDonald – aka “Little Miss Sunshine”
Brett Mackie – aka “Spiderman”
Lora Mariottini – aka “Hammertime”
Maria Mariottini – aka “The Veteran”
Michael Messaros – aka “Mr. Social”
Dan Murphy – aka “Chuckles”
Christine Page – aka “The Socialite”
Katina Panagopoulos – aka “The Pinch Hitter”
Brian Peck – aka “The Voice”
Emily Rose – aka “The Muse”
Eden Sabala – aka “Inky”
Lori Salinas – aka “Romper Room”
Cathleen Schandelmeier-Bartels – aka “Bubbles”
Susan Suhar – aka “Moneymaker Shaker”
Tina Szklarzewski – aka “Moneybags”
John Summy – aka “The Trashman”
Ken Tarnoff – aka “The Mayor”
Amy Waldon – aka “Ivy League”
Jeff Wolfe – aka “Spin”
Ryan Zoghlin – aka “The Sage”

We can hardly wait for next year.

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