It was another amazing year at the Bucktown Arts Fest. We felt especially lucky to be surrounded by so much great talent.

We hope that these awards will inspire these artists to continue their craft and empower them to explore new horizons.



2012 Best in Show Artist Anthony Pack

Best in Show Artist – Anthony Pack
Mixed Media

Combining basic woodworking skills, found objects and a quirky sense of humor, Anthony Pack tries to touch the inner child within people through his artwork.

With his clever eye, Anthony sees the recycled materials he uses for what they could be, rather than be limited to their intended purpose. For instance, nails, screws, and washers might become eyes; springs become a mouth; rusty nails get a second life as hands or feet; and painted scrap lumber becomes the body of a figure.

A Kentucky native, Anthony now resides in Kansas. He travels throughout the country attending art festivals and shows, relying on the emotional support of his wife and four cats to live the life of a creative mixed media artist.
(source: Jeanine Taylor Folk Art)


2012 Best in Show Artist Jennifer Fecker

Best in Show Artist – Jennifer Fecker
Felt Designer Jewelry

Originally trained in traditional Metalwork and Jewelry design under the guidance of Hiroko Sato Pijanowski, artist Jennifer Fecker moved to San Francisco to establish herself as a studio jeweler. Working for years in the field of one of a kind contemporary Art Jewelry, she exhibited work in galleries and museums around the country.

Today, she is exploring the potential that ordinary materials have in creating extraordinary work. Her new line, is felt, strives to create a place where art and commerce can meet- a place where dynamic, modern design is accessible.

This collection incorporates 100% wool felt, leather and occasional swarovski crystals. Jennifer selects felt goods, some new and some reclaimed from Holland and Germany. She hand cuts and carefully stitches each piece to create a clean, modern, effortless look that belies the intricate work underneath.

is felt is unexpected. It is as visually arresting as it is approachable and as bold as it is wearable. is felttransforms structure, color and texture into enduring personal expression.


Best in Show Artist Bill BarteltBest in Show Artist – Bill Bartelt

Bill Bartelt began his professional career as an art director and designer for the stage, film and television. Over the years he nurtured his love of watercolor painting and studied with the late master Irving Shapiro, AWS. of the American Academy of Art. Bartelt at first applied his skills as a painter in service to his design work, developing watercolor renderings as scenic designs.

Gradually he began showing his work as pure art, and along the way MGM tapped Bartelt to provide Minnie Driver’s watercolor paintings for her film “Return to Me.” Since then, his paintings have been seen in a number of other films, and have also found an audience among avid collectors.

It is his background in the Dramatic Arts that infuses his paintings with their sense of the romantic. He puts it this way: “I look for the subtle drama inherent in a scene, and sometimes I am able to look at a finished painting and think, ‘that would make a great stage set!’”



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