Meet Sean Lemaster: 2011 Poster Artist

Sean caught our eye in 2010 with his lyrical mixed-media abstract paintings. In fact, we even named him a Best In Show artist.

Here’s what Sean had to say about his Bucktown Art Fest success: “I entered this show as an experiment to see if a Chicago art fest’s would be a good venue to show my work. Lets just say it went better than I could have hoped. The committee was very welcoming and supportive, I met a lot of people who were eager to support original art, I sold 7 pieces in all with a couple more hopefully on the way out and best of all I won Best in Show among some fantastic artists.

It had been a long time since I’ve had a show and this was exactly what I needed to let me know my work is heading in the right direction! Thank you to all who stopped by my tent and I owe The Bucktown Art Fest a big thanks too.”

Sean’s inspiration is best expressed in his artist statement, A Parley of Laser Cannons, Flowers, and Love:

“If children play and feel with great emotion, then adolescents feel with the same whole heartedness and this begins the weathering which brings maturity. Somewhere along the line play becomes a thing of the past and open emotion scabs over to create ‘a thick skin.’

My work is aimed at exploring this process in my own life by using metaphor to explain a generic experience we all go through. By using this mix of icons and real history expressed by layers of paint, my hope is that the audience starts to understand the humor, somewhat sinister actions, and range of feelings that are boyhood.”


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