The Committee of the Bucktown Arts Fest is pleased to announce our 2011 Best-In-Show winners!



Ryan Synovec, Photographer

Ryan Synovec, Photography

“For the past two years I have been shooting almost entirely with a Holga camera, basically a $25 plastic camera that shoots medium format film. When I reflect on why I am so drawn to this camera, I guess it comes down to the unique and timeless beauty in the images it creates. The image is soft, muted, never truly in focus, giving a somewhat surreal feel to each image. Instead of creating a precise recorded image of what we saw, this camera has the ability to morph that recorded image into a dreamlike memory. If you think about it, with time, our memories of the past become more dreamlike, more subjective. Through this plastic lens, somehow I am able to capture some of that beautiful subjectivity.”


Anna Todaro, Painting

Anna Todaro

“My work is a bright and electrical combination of pop and folk. It is my hope that I am creating beautiful, aordable images which uplift and inspire.

My work draws inspiration from a wide variety of other creatives most closely resembling Betsy Walton, Theo Ellsworth, Apak, Bjork, Jennifer Mercede, Marc Chagall, and Tender Loving Empire; although the true list is considerably longer and consists of contemporary artists and musicians predominately from the Pacic Northwest.”



Ken Wilson, Collage

Ken Wilson, Collage

“Working in a variety of mediums, my artwork combines nostalgic found images, vintage photos and discarded wood often assembled with painted portraits and abstract splashes of color and texture.  Mining from both cultural and personal terrain, I reassemble these elements to create multi-dimensional interpretations of friends, celebrities and dead rock stars.

I portray contemporary culture through the lens of yesterday’s popular culture, and I expect the audience to draw their own conclusions based on the juxtaposition of the visual elements assembled in my artwork.  These messages can be communicated through an individual piece , or preferably as a series.”

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